I’m back with another advice (…?) post about blogging for you all! If you haven’t seen my other posts about blogging then a) WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! and b) Fear not, they’re here, here and here so go and have a little look at them now (well…after you’ve read this post of course!). I’m definitely not…Continue Reading “Blogging: My Experience in my First 9 Months of Blogging”

Happy Wednesday everyone, you’re halfway to the weekend! Can we just start by talking about how ridiculously cold it is?! It’s March tomorrow and I feel like the Winter weather is at it’s absolute worst right now! I thought I’d finally get around to actually starting a series that I’ve been wanting to write for…Continue Reading “A Foodie’s Guide to… Liverpool”

I’m back with another post in my What University Students Are Wearing series. You know the drill by now so lets get on with it! (check out my previous posts here and here) Name: Sarah Age: 20 University: Utrecht University Subject: Film, Theatre and Television Studies (specialty in television). From: Holland Tell us about your…Continue Reading “What University Students Are Wearing #3”

As I’m currently in my second year of university, I’ve now reached a point where I know how to move into a new room and make it feel a little bit more homely and like my own space. When you first move into university halls it can be a bit strange and daunting, since you’re…Continue Reading “3 Ways To Make Your University Room Feel Like You”