Often overlooked by not only a lot of new First-Year university students, but also students as a whole – societies are what actually made my first year university experience so amazing! I think a lot of students think that when they arrive at university they won’t really benefit from getting involved in sports or societies….Continue Reading “Advice for Freshers #5 Societies and Socials”

I’ve had my literature category ready for a while now but I hadn’t got around to actually making a post on it until now! When I first designed my blog I wanted to have a literature category included in it, mostly because I thought it would encourage me to read more, as well as connect…Continue Reading “How to Start Reading if you Aren’t a Big Reader”

It’s only a few weeks until the university year begins and, as a second year student, I thought I’d share some of my knowledge about university with all of you that are starting university for the first time this year. With this in mind, I’ve put together a list of 10 things that you might…Continue Reading “Advice for Freshers #3 Dorm-Room Essentials”

Following on from Advice for Freshers #1 Cooking and the Kitchen, I’ve come up with a few clothing items that you may not necessarily realise you need for when you go to university. 1.Flip flops or Sliders Probably seeming like a strange opening clothing item, flip flops/sliders are actually one of my university essentials –…Continue Reading “Advice for Freshers #2 Clothing Necessities”

I’m starting a small series of tips for incoming freshman/freshers to university this year, covering everything from surviving freshers week to what to bring for your university bedroom. I’ll be uploading this series a few times a week for the next two weeks to hopefully give you all the information you need to get yourself…Continue Reading “Advice for Freshers #1: Cooking and the Kitchen”