I’m back with another post in my What University Students Are Wearing series. You know the drill by now so lets get on with it! (check out my previous posts here and here) Name: Sarah Age: 20 University: Utrecht University Subject: Film, Theatre and Television Studies (specialty in television). From: Holland Tell us about your…Continue Reading “What University Students Are Wearing #3”

Hey guys! As you will have probably already known (through my constant posts on Twitter) I’ve been working on a new series that I’m hoping you’re going to love as much as I do. I wanted to start including my fellow bloggers, particularly students like myself in my own blog posts; as well as posting…Continue Reading “What University Students are Wearing #1”

I’m back with another advice (…?) post about blogging for you all! If you haven’t seen my other posts about blogging then a) WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! and b) Fear not, they’re here, here and here so go and have a little look at them now (well…after you’ve read this post of course!). I’m definitely not…Continue Reading “Blogging: My Experience in my First 9 Months of Blogging”